Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will Be Back!

I will be busy for the following week because it's my orientation week for UTM. I will take alot of picture and post it out if I got the time. Hopefully I can online everyday over there. If not, I might have to apply broadband. Anyway, see you guys again!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Give Me Anything!

Today, I went to 7-eleven hoping to find Anything or Whatever drink and I found nothing. And so I asked the shopkeeper. This is our coversation:

Me: Can you give me Anything?
SK(shopkeeper): We sell many thing here, what thing you want?
Me: I just want Anything.
SK: But what?
Me: Nvm, what about Whatever?
SK: Er...
Me: Nvm, it's ok then, have a nice day...

lol...It's almost the same as the clip..only I did not punch the

Any taste for any thrist. LOL!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

UTM ! Here I Come!

It's was quite a shocking news for me. During the 12am on the day the result was released. I saw many of my classmates online with only 1 objective, that is to check their application result to the IPTA. About 12.10am, we are able to check the result already. Everyone's nervous as usual but after viewing the result, everyone felt relieved. Well,almost everyone. But most of my classmates got what they wanted, including me. What freaks me out is that my STPM result sucks but then I've been offered my 2nd choice. Thank God for everything and the blessing! Alleluyah!

Many said that this subject is useless cause too many people study computer science, and yes including the oldies in my house. But some said this isn't an ordinary course. It's quite a challenging course. No matter what, I will do my best and appriciate what God gave me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Want Anything Or Whatever!

Just give me anything will you?!
Whatever will also do!

These are two types of new drinks that are newly introduce to all Malaysian and Singaporean! Whatever is the non-carbonated iced tea drink that comes in 6 favors and Anything is carbonated coke that comes in 6 favors too. Go to your nearest 7-eleven shop to get yours now.

But Wait!
There's another way you can get your Anything or Whatever for free! It's a msn contest for everyone without having a blog or something. The contest is as creative as the name of the drinks.

Stand a chance to win a pack of Anything or Whatever!
Also, 2 grand prize that is rm499 (wish list)
How to win?
  • add '' to your msn contact list.
  • change your display picture into Anything or Whatever picture.
  • change your msn messenger personal message
  • Just send the message 'Give me anything or whatever!' to the anything.whatever buddy in your contact list in selected hours.
  • every 10th participants that send the exact message will be rewarded a free pack of Anything or Whatever.
  • every 150th participant that send the exact message will get rm499 (wish list)
  • contest ends 2/7/2008

For the terms and conditions, I lazy wanna type it all so...go read it yourself!